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10% Discount to NHS Staff as a Gesture of Appreciation

Le Kesh is a fine-dining restaurant in Oxford specializing in authentic North African cuisine. Known for its exceptional dishes and unparalleled dining experience, the restaurant has become a favourite among locals and visitors alike. As a local business, Le Kesh...

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We are opening Le kesh sultan back garden

We are pleased to announce the opening of Le Kesh sultan back garden from Monday 12th April, 9 am-9 pm every day! We'll have a covered terrace area in the garden of the restaurant, open for lunch, coffee, cocktails and all your le kesh favourites...Bear in mind,...

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Merry Christmas

2020 Has been a tough year but there are always bright days of the year like Christmas! Cherish the people around you, they matter more to you than you know. I truly wish you all the best Christmas especially the best driving school in oxford Oxon Driving tuitions and...

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Merguez, the Algerian sausages

Merguez in summer, all barbecue enthusiasts ask for it, but do you still need to know how to distinguish the true from the copy? The colour of merguez One of the first perceptions you have of merguez is visual. Start by looking at it over its entire surface (length,...

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Origin of tagine

What is the origin of tagine? Although common in Algeria and Morocco, the tagine is of Berber origin and, according to experts, it is in Berber territory that the best tajine is eaten. THE TAJINE: A WHOLE TRADITION Utensil and dish The tagine is named after the...

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Couscous, listed in the intangible heritage of Unesco

Couscous entered the intangible heritage of Unesco this Wednesday, December 16. The candidacy was brought for the first time by a union of circumstance between Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania and Tunisia. However, these four Maghreb countries never cease to emphasize...

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