Origin of tagine
Posted on 24 Dec, 2020

What is the origin of tagine?

Although common in Algeria and Morocco, the tagine is of Berber origin and, according to experts, it is in Berber territory that the best tajine is eaten.


Utensil and dish

The tagine is named after the utensil in which it is made. Traditionally, tagines are made in terracotta dishes on terracotta stoves or braziers as well. The food, simmered over low heat, stews and steams in a deep plate covered with a conical lid.

A festive dish

The tagline is, by tradition, a family and convivial dish. It is most often consumed during festivals and special occasions in order to bring the whole family together around a traditional meal. The assembly is arranged, seated on small benches, around the dish placed on a low table. The lid is removed and everyone draws directly from the dish. Note that if a distinguished guest is present, the master of the house will turn the dish in a conspicuous way in order to present him the best pieces.

What to cook in a tagine?

The tagine being a symbol of generosity, it must therefore be rich in flavours and aromas, so we usually put meat, vegetables, and as many spices as possible: turmeric, curry, nails. cloves, cinnamon, etc. Today, there are many tagine recipes: from chicken, lamb or even fruit tagines, there is something for everyone.

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