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In Oxford, England, there are hundreds of unique restaurants that can satisfy all palates. If you’re looking for delicious food that celebrates everything that makes North Africa special, Le Kesh is the place to be. Started by friends Nabil and Yacine, who have a combined 30 years of experience in the catering business, the restaurant specializes in North African hospitality and in the types of food that are loved in that part of the world. Short for Marrakesh, the restaurant is not just a place to eat. It is also a celebration of a unique friendship and of the Moroccan and Arabic way of life and the authentic dishes that go along with it.

A Truly Unique Experience

Joining Nabil and Yacine is executive chef Monir, who is actually from Marrakesh and therefore knows how to cook the many exquisite dishes found there, including meat tagine, Bastilla, briwats (briouats), and moussakas, among many others. When you’re craving North African cuisine in Oxford, you won’t have to look far because Le Kesh Restaurant is found on Cowley Road in East Oxford, which is easy to find and certainly easy to enjoy.

Le Kesh Restaurant is part Moroccan, part Lebanese, and part North African, and some of their menu items include Le Kesh couscous, chicken risotto, chicken shawarma, and a mix grill dish made with kofta, chicken, lamb, and rice. Finding Middle Eastern cuisine in Oxford UK is not nearly as difficult as it once was, and the restaurant offers not only numerous authentic, tasty dishes from all over the world, but it also provides space in case you want to book a party, wedding, or any other special event. This elegant restaurant has a nice bright interior and is very spacious, so any event you schedule there will be very nice indeed.

Food to Satisfy Anyone’s Palate

Serving the best Middle Eastern cuisine in Oxford UK, Le Kesh Restaurant specializes in main courses such as lamb, chicken, and meatball tagine; starters such as olive oil marinated spinach, sambosik, and moutabel; and desserts that include pastries, mint tea, and konaffa, among others. When you combine good friends with the knowledge and expertise needed to present their customers with the very best food money can buy, you can hardly go wrong, so if you come by Le Kesh Restaurant in Oxford, UK, they will make sure they prove that to you every time.

Even their takeaway menu is exquisite and includes dishes including sides such as yellow rice and Arabic flat bread, main dishes such as shish taouq and couscous, and drinks such as wine, beer, and soft drinks. The restaurant truly offers something for everyone, so whether you’re a kid or a grownup, you’ll look forward to each meal you enjoy there.

Not only does Le Kesh have some of the best food in town, it also has an ambiance unlike any other restaurant in the UK. As soon as you walk in, you can drink in the atmosphere and ambiance, because it isn’t just the food that has people going back to them time and time again. Friends Nabil, Yacine, and Monir have created the perfect restaurant that serves both great food and a certain amount of pizzazz that means your first visit there will definitely not be your last.

Let the Experts Show You the Way

If you’re looking for some of the best Marrakesh tajines in Oxford UK, give Le Kesh a try. The right location, the right owners, and the right menu items all make for a very special restaurant that offers not just a place to go when you want to get a bite to eat, but also a place to hold special events such as weddings and corporate events. Large, conveniently located, and with a menu that includes fresh, delicious cuisine from places such as Morocco and North Africa, the owners have created a special place where people can go to grab a great meal, spend time with family and friends, and most of all, enjoy a very unique experience they’ll never forget.

Le Kesh also has a website that allows you to keep up with the latest news regarding the restaurant and any changes in their menus. Whether you’re looking for chicken burgers, moussaka, or couscous tajine in Oxford UK, Le Kesh will have it available to you because their number-one goal is to make sure you leave there with your tummy full and a smile on your face. Good food and good friends always go together perfectly, and that’s what you’ll enjoy each time you visit Le Kesh Restaurant in Oxford.

One more thing – you can also bring your own bottle of alcohol if you like and enjoy no corking fees, so if you’d like to enjoy some beer, cider, or wine with your meal, you can do so easily regardless of when you visit them.

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