Harrira soup (V)

Moroccan tomato and lenti soup


Mixed Marinated Moroccan olives (v)


Cold starters


Houmous (v)

chickpea sesame paste and lemon juice served with bread


Fatoush (v)

Mixed salad with toasted khobez bread


Olive Oil Marinated Spinach (v)

Slow-cooked spinach with onion and olive oil


Moutebel (v)

Grilled aubergine pureed with sesame paste and lemon juice 


Hot starters


Falafel (v)

Crispy chickpea croquet with herbs and spices


Sambosik (v)

Pastry filled with feta cheese



Ground lamb and crushed wheat stuffed with mince lamb and pine nuts


Le Kesh Halloumi (v)

Grilled halloumi in flatbread with garlic and tomatoes


Zaalouk Dip (v)

Tomato and aubergine with garlic, olive oil and spices



Moroccan sausage, mildly hot and spice


Fennel and Paprika Crusted calamari

Served with garlic sauce and lemon


Goats Cheese Briwates

Moroccan pastry filled with goats cheese, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms and coriander 



Algerian pastry filled with marinated minced meat, parsley, egg and black pepper


Marinated Chicken Liver

Fried chicken liver marinated in lemon, coriander and garlic sauce. Served on toast


Mix Mezze

Houmous, Fatoush, Moutabel, Foul Moukala, Batata Hara, Falafel and Sambosik

£9.95 or £17.95 for two


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Our food pays homage to those roots, showcasing the rich and vibrant flavours of Morocco in new ways that harmonize with the fresh, local, artisanal ingredients, and the spirit of innovation of Oxfordshire

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