Merguez, the Algerian sausages
Posted on 24 Dec, 2020

Merguez in summer, all barbecue enthusiasts ask for it, but do you still need to know how to distinguish the true from the copy?

The colour of merguez

One of the first perceptions you have of merguez is visual. Start by looking at it over its entire surface (length, front, back…). If it looks strange to you, don’t take it. On the other hand, if it adopts a beautiful red-orange colour (but not too bright). Do not hesitate.

The composition of merguez

Besides the visual qualities, the origin of the meats is important. It is therefore essential to check the list of ingredients at the time of purchase. Real merguez contains beef and mutton, and nothing else. To this, we add natural spices. The grain of meat should be visible but not too large. The “coarse” mincing allows benefiting from the qualities of the meat. When it is chopped too much, it brings less consistency to the mouth. Finally, for the prices, there are very good products.

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